Fromm A482 works with air pressure and sealless steel strapping

Fromm A482

Fromm A482 is a pneumatic steel strapping tool for 19 mm strap width. Thanks to its light weight of only 6.5 kg a suspension bow is not necessary. Its double noche sealing (LINSTRAP 19x45x0.9 mm push-type seal / overlapping has to be used) reaches a sealing strength of appr. 75%.

Fromm A482 pneumatic steel strapping tool

Please find below key parameters for FROMM A482:

  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Tension force: up to 7,000 N
  • Sealing: double noche
  • Strap width: 19 mm
  • Strap thickness: 0.63-0.90 mm