Spare parts for all Fromm strapping tools such as the A333 are shown here

Spare parts FROMM A332 / A333

Spare parts for steel strapping tools FROMM A332 and A333 can be found in the table below. All spare parts are available on stock and can be delivered immediately at very competitive prices. If you are not sure which part of your strapping tool is defective or how to exchange the part, please send your strapping tool to our service station where skilled technicians will take care of your immediately after receipt.

Spare part number
Spare part description
A33-1158 Anschlag


A33-2152 Haltebacke
N1-1806 Linsenschraube M4x10
A33-1137 Matrizenhälfte links
A33-1172 Matrizenhälfte links
A33-1138 Matrizenhälfte rechts
A33-1171 Matrizenhälfte rechts


N3-2324 Nadelhülse
N3-2329 Nadelhülse
1230007 P355/16 mm
A33-1152 Rolle
A33-1167 Rolle


N1-1182 Schraube
N1-1304 Schraube M3x8
A33-3110 Spannklinke
A33-3157 Spannrolle
A33-3133 Spannrolle
A33-3137 Sperrklinke
A33-2121 Stempel
A33-2160 Stempel
A33-1181 Verschließerkurve
A33-3150 Wippe