Spare parts HKE

Spare parts TITAN HKE

Spare parts for TITAN sealless steel strapping tool type HKE can be found in the table below. All spare parts are available on stock and can be delivered immediately at very competitive prices. If you are not sure which part of your strapping tool is defective or how to exchange the part, please send your strapping tool to our service station where skilled technicians will take care of your immediately after receipt.

Spare part number
Spare part description
01013060210 Sechskant-Schraube M6x20
01408060012 Sechskant-Mutter DIN 934 - M6
03223103520 Abdeckung
03223102020 Auswerfer
04822315013 Bandführung komplett
04223101220 Bandführung vorne
04223102610 Bolzen
01620001170 Druckfeder
04822314060 Gestell komplett mit Lager
01087050082 Gewindestift M5x8
01087060450 Gewindestift M6x45
03223100900 Kerbmesser
04822315070 Obermesser komplett
01125040160 Passkerbst C4x16
01313042020 Pass-Scheibe DIN 988
01230130027 Rundring B13x2
04822315090 Riffelplatte komplett
01302064010 Scheibe DIN 125
01361120005 Scherg-Sche
01141030103 Spannhülse
04223101300 Spannrad
01340006010 Spannscheibe
04223100600 Untermesser
04822314050 Wippe komplett
03223101800 Zugfeder
01002030080 Zylinderschraube M3x8
01001050174 Zylinderschraube M5x16
01001050310 Zylinderschraube M5x30