Spare parts BO-51 / NO-51

Spare parts BO-51 / NO-51

Spare parts for steel strapping tool BO-51, also known as NO-51, can be found in the table below. All spare parts are available on stock and can be delivered immediately at very competitive prices. If you are not sure which part of your strapping tool is defective or how to exchange the part, please send your strapping tool to our service station where skilled technicians will take care of your immediately after receipt.

Spare part number
Spare part description
BO 51-017 Fallklinke
BO 51-030


BO 51-031 Fallklinke
BO 51-051 Feder
BO 51-054 Feder
BO 51-100 Hebel
BO 51-018 Klinkenbolzen
BO 51-016 Klinkenrad
BO 51-025


BO 51-080 Sicherungsring
BO 51-079 Sicherungsring
BO 51-096 Spannrad
BO 51-094 Hebel komplett
BO 51-099 Scheibe

BO 51-083